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MEXICO – Oswaldo Alanís will be relegated to banking in his last six months with Chivas, since he does not enter into plans after not accepting the conditions of contract renewal.
For Matías Almeyda, Coach of the Flock, it is normal that he does not play if an agreement was not reached and he even said that happens all over the world, so we remember other cases in which a footballer did not renew, in some of them he did not what the Argentine coach mentioned happened.
The Mexican attacker agreed and signed his contract with LA FC six months before he concluded his employment relationship with Real Sociedad. It was presented before the start of the 2017-18 season as the franchise player and although he did not live through the ordeal of Alanís, his activity with those of San Sebastián was reduced in the last semester of 2017 by only participating in two matches as the owner of LaLiga.
The English star decided to leave Real Madrid in mid-2007 and in January of that year he announced his signing with the LA Galaxy, which Fabio Capello, then strategist of the meringues, bothered him and announced that he was not going to put to play, but he would train with his teammates: “He will not play anymore. You will train, but not play. That you want to go does not depend on me, “he said. Although Capello threatened him in this way, Beckham still played some LaLiga matches.
After a decade with Real Madrid, the Portuguese defender was offered a renewal for another year, which he did not accept. Little by little, the merengue box was relegated: “A stage has finished and, from now on, a new one will begin. The forms of Real Madrid have not been correct, “he said. In his last campaign, he only played 13 games. He ended up going to Besiktas as a free player.
It is an open secret that the relationship between the Chilean and Arsenal is broken, as well as his departure at the end of his contract in May 2018. Although there has been no renewal, the Andean has been a recurring player in the lineup of Arsene Wenger and probably, in what remains of the football semester, will continue like this.
When the expiration of his contract with America came, the bluecream directors failed to renew it and went free to Ajaccio, who at that time played in Ligue 1 in France. Little did it matter for the Eagles, because in the Clausura 2011 he was the titular goalkeeper.

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