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MEXICO – The last day of the regular tournament started and four teams are in contention for a place in the Liguilla.

Tigers 32 points
The staff of Ricardo Ferretti would ensure the overall leadership if he manages to beat Rayados as visitors, but if he loses he would not endanger the second place he currently occupies.

America 27 points
The Eagles are the third team classified to the Big Party; a victory assures them the third place, although a defeat against Santos could cause the azulcrema team to descend important rungs in the general table. If America does not finish within the first four, the Miguel Herrera team would not receive the duel back home in the Quarterfinals.

Morelia 26 points
Morelia should not suffer in the last date of the championship, although a win would give him the third position and a setback could send him to eighth place.

Leon 26 points
La Fiera got the Atlas tie and now it only remains for him to know his final position.

Toluca 26 points
The Red Devils, like Morelia and Leon, qualified for the draw Pachuca rescued in the final minutes of the duel against Atlas.

Atlas 25 points
He tied at the last minute with Pachuca and now he has to wait to see if he can enter the Liguilla. The Rojinegros need Necaxa to lose or Cruz Azul does not win to qualify.

Necaxa 24 points
The team of Ignacio Ambriz depends on himself to get into the fight for the title. Necaxa have to defeat or tie with Morelia to not depend on other results, because if you lose you should expect the same from the Cementeros and that Xolos will not manage to hit.

Cruz Azul 24 points
With a victory against Red Sharks, he would also return to the Fiesta Grande after six tournaments without fighting for the title, but in case of committing a new ‘cruzazuleada’ and draw, La Máquina would have to wait for a defeat of the Rays.

 Tijuana 21 points
The border has little chance of getting into the Liguilla although a thumping against Toluca and a combination of defeats bulging by Necaxa and Cruz Azul would allow them to fight for the crown of the 2017 Apertura.

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