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The daily Marca makes known today the modus operandi of Zinedine Zidane in the management of egos, and not only in the difficult resort of Real Madrid.

“Zizou sends much more than one thinks, has an unquestionable authority that increases with each passing day”, reads in the online edition of the publication, which emphasizes that, although not all the players are happy, “the group maintains

“They’re dead to Zidane, as is the coach with them. Because the basis of your success is to defend them always, play or not. There is never a word in public about them, “the article points out.

Aware that the intimacy of the squad is sacred, at the end of training, Zidane returns to the interior of the Valdebebas facilities “for a different door to that of the footballers”, thus allowing a period of “reflection” before talking to some of them on improving.

The Frenchman, for his part, always has the office door open to listen to his pupils, not infrequently when private conversations last for more than an hour. «Face to face, without witnesses, without taboos.»

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