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MEXICO – Arturo Brizio came out in defense of the Mexican arbitration, which he said, is ‘clean’, in addition to maintaining that there is capacity to face the next ‘big party’ of Mexican soccer without any problem.
The chairman of the Referees Committee was invited as a guest in Futbol Picante, where he assured that “we have an arbitration staff sufficiently qualified to face the Liguilla without any problem”.
However, he acknowledged that on his arrival, four months ago, “I found a disorderly, careless group on the part of the institution, where there were several presidents. There were people distracted by other kinds of things. We are trying to put them in the basket. The arbitration race is very volatile, the only thing that is in the hands of the referee is the physical preparation, I have told the guys. ”
He argued: “He who is not fit to arbitrate physically, because he does not arbitrate, hurts whoever hurts. That is my position, although logically there is a consensus; the clubs do not impose things on me, but they have every right to give their opinion. ”

He said he was aware that the arbitration issue will always be in the eye of the hurricane and everyone will continue to say that all the ills are the product of this item of Mexican football: “I do not think the same, Mexican arbitration is not bad, it’s good, although right now it is going through a transitional moment. Absolutely, I put my hands to the fire for arbitration. ”
“Modern football does not allow distractions or distance from the play. Today the referee has to be on top of the player. The personality of the referee is another issue. We just do a course with instructors; it is not that the Einsten of arbitration will come from there, but it is the basis “.
He also explained that “Mexican soccer is not violent, but it is very undisciplined. Many managers blame arbitration and send a message to their teams. ” He also criticized that the players cheapen the yellow cards and cause them to show them by throwing the ball or by pulling it away and said that this could be avoided.

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