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In a desperate attempt to catapult Javier Eduardo López’s career once and for all, Matías Almeyda took away even the nickname.

Since the first games of this guy with the Chivas makes some tournaments, the Argentine coach promised to take it little by little and to stay very aware of him to take his trajectory in good direction; however, the once ‘Chofis’ has not blunted.
A couple of good goals ‘Messi’ eluding rivals against Monterrey and Pumas were enough to be considered at the time a potential jewel, but everything was “flower of a day.”
The sponsors arrived at the life of the original from Torreón, the multiple tattoos on the body and the ’10’ on the back, all combined so that the 23-year-old boy lost the floor … And the leading role in the Sacred Flock.
In the title tournament last year, Lopez was a mere spectator in the Liguilla, because the ‘Pelado’ did not count on him, as he got tired of wasting opportunities and his specific weight in the matches was practically nil.
There was talk that he had a foot outside the institution, that the owner Jorge Vergara even wanted to remove the number ’10’, but the little player stayed and started in good form this Clausura 2018.
Almeyda asked the interior of the campus to stop calling him ‘Chofis’ in exchange for telling him Lalo; In addition, the midfielder realized that he was facing his last opportunities and prepared himself thoroughly in the preseason.
He hired the boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez’s physical trainer, shortened his vacations and lost weight, all in search of the spurt, since he has talent but offers it in small increments.
Before Toluca in Matchday 1, without giving a spectacular match, much less, it was evident the physical change of Lalo and also the attempt to assume greater prominence by constantly requesting the ball to head the attacks of Guadalajara.
He tied the match with a goal full of quality in which he lowered the ball with his chest (although there was doubt if he touched it with his arm), he eluded an opponent in the space occupied by a tile and defined intelligently with a puncture.
It is only the beginning and it is premature to talk about what will really be consolidated, but at least in work, readiness and operation, an evident change was seen.

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