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CITY OF MEXICO – The last great memory of the fans of Cruz Azul is 11 days to turn 20

On December 7, two decades are commemorated that La Máquina lifted its most recent league title, the one with Carlos Hermosillo as the great architect, converting a penalty with his face full of blood.
From then to the date the celestial stories are united by the same thread: that of failure. On Sunday night before the America another chapter was written.
After breaking with three years without reaching the Liguilla, the cement team said goodbye to the first change, unable to score a goal in a tie of 180 minutes, of which 60 played in numerical superiority.
Cruz Azul lost the series in the Ida for the null courage of his coach who, despite having one more man decided to risk only until the final 20 minutes.
Referring to a great campaign to classify the Final Phase as the sixth general and again being the ‘client’ of America only reflects the mediocrity in which La Máquina walks, which is already satisfied with ‘decent’ defeats.
The fans of this club are no longer comforted by the games where their team put a lot of pride, because the urge to be a true protagonist and above all win a championship is above anything else.
The continuity of the technician Paco Jémez looks complex, since he has been in charge of generating a negative environment that causes his forms to be questioned and consequently those of the staff he heads.
No self-criticism and decisions such as dispensing Chaco Giménez in the Ida, and Angel Mena in the Vuelta, in addition to improvising Cata Dominguez as left-back to the detriment of a specialist like Adrián Aldrete, condemned the cemetery box.
The last great memory of the fans of Cruz Azul (who could see it) is 11 days to turn 20 ….
It is enough to show off a “great tournament” when a very poor version of the America eliminated them. Once again, Cruz Azul, once again you will light a candle for a sad memory … They are two decades and counting; Two decades without smiles.

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