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Good times in Can Barça. Saturday’s victory on Saturday has aired the atmosphere, flawed since the unexpected European elimination at the hands of Rome. The players took the final of the Metropolitan as an opportunity to vindicate themselves after the blow of the Olympic and took advantage of it. Although now remains in the air the question of why the team did not leave in the Roman feud with the same intensity as in the Wanda, the fact is that the mood in the culé environment are much calmer.
Any glimmer of doubt about the role of Valverde in the Barca project seems banished from the near future and touches enjoy what is to come, while planning next season. An enjoyment that for the theory of communicating vessels will be greater or lesser depending on what Real Madrid does in the Champions League. Leaving that aside, if there are no upsets, this can be a great week for Barcelona.

Alirón in sight

Those who are in a position to win the league title in the coming days. Depending on the results, they could even win LaLiga from the couch, something that does not detract from the matter. Barça has very close the possibility of regaining the throne that snatched Real

Madrid last season and can do so brilliantly. The Catalans can win the title on Sunday in La Coruña, or even reach that game with LaLiga won, depending on what Atlético de Madrid does on Saturday.Be that as it may, the message of the costumes is unanimous: the important thing is to win the title and it does not matter if it is done thanks to a puncture of the mattress players or to a result in Riazor. The Catalans have had a long way to get here under these conditions and they will not admit that any argument undercuts the attainment of this league title.

They do not forget that at the beginning of the course they were presumed dead and it was pointed out that they would be unable to recover from the traumatic exit of Neymar. Not only has it not been like that, but they have made history with the record of unbeaten and have at their fingertips the possibility of signing an entire League without losing. The never seen.

In any case, there is a certain desire in the booth to finalize the fight for LaLiga as soon as possible. On the one hand, because of that mistrust that has been dragging the entire course Valverde before the possibility of losing a championship that already caresses.
On the other, more mundane, for the celebration of a World Cup just around the corner. The players would be delighted to be able to dispatch the title as soon as possible and be able to start dosing for the Russian event.
Being able to play the last days of the championship without the pressure of playing the title would be a relief for the players. Except for

Ivan Rakitic, all the members of the starting lineup of Barça (and some substitutes) play in teams that are asked to win in Russia. Shake the demands of club football less fingers months for the start of the World Cup, would be liberating.

The Youth League

Also, this week can be key at the club level. It seems a minor issue, but what Youth A does today in the Youth League final against the Chelsea homegrown will have its relevance in the offices of Aristides Maillol.They are complicated times for the talent factory azulgrana.

The photo of the game against Celta de Vigo of an eleven without homegrown hurt the image of a club that has worked for decades to become the living image of the success of quarry work. Neither helps the march of the subsidiary in LaLiga 123, which yesterday lost again and will suffer to try to maintain the category. Winning this afternoon in Nyon would allow the board to take a bite out of one of the topics that most criticize him.

The goodbye of Iniesta

3The other great event of the week for the Catalans will be the appearance of Andrés Iniesta to officially announce his decision to leave Barça at the end of the course and set the course for Chinese football. Still is not known what will be the day chosen by the manchego to give their explanations, but it is decided that will take place this week.

What is clear is that the Fuentealbilla does not want to tell in a mixed area after a game, but call the press, explain their reasons and address the issues that the media want to do about it. It is not expected less.

Regardless of the day chosen by the Barça captain, there is no doubt that this week will be decisive for the departure of the entity. There is the possibility of scratching two important titles and a legend is left.

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