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Geoffrey Kondogbia will not be at Getafe next Wednesday as a result of the accumulation of cards that has led him to add the fifth of his second cycle. This circumstance would go unnoticed if it is not because the five yellows have seen them in a stroke. All followed. Without a break. Day to day.

He saw the first one in day 28 against Sevilla, followed in the 29 against Alavés, in the 30 against Leganés, in the 31 against Espanyol and has closed this cycle against Barcelona in the 32nd. He has been seen and not seen. Suddenly it has been carrying warnings until it reaches the quota.

.. Almost all the yellow cards were consecutively except one day. He saw them in day 13 (Barcelona), 14 (Getafe), 16 (Eibar), 17 (Villarreal) and 18 (Girona).

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