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Cristiano Ronaldo scored another double for Real Madrid to turn the scoreboard in the final stretch of the match and ended up winning 3-1 at PSG in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.
PSG hit first because nobody cared about Rabiot. Nacho, too far and with full hands taking care of the band. Varane and Casemiro, with one eye and the other in Cavani, while out of nowhere, Neymar started with a heel the play that would end up
Mbappè put the center to the heart of the area and the rest was a piece of cake for Adrien Rabiot, who freed himself from behind to finish at 0-1.

He fell silent until the official club. His greatest fear had just materialized.
The defense of Real Madrid began to notice the seams much earlier. As soon as Neymar stopped slipping on the pitch and decided to postpone his particular quarrel with Nacho. That the Brazilian saw the yellow in the umpteenth exchange of kicks with the Merengue defense was worse for the locals because he had no other to get to work in attack.
Every time the ball reached the feet of PSG’s ’10’, Santiago Bernabéu trembled. It takes very little to score a goal for Real Madrid; It is almost enough to win back to the defense and a little talent scoring. The problem is that the PSG of that has too much.
Zidane had taken the risky decision to sit one of the untouchable, Gareth Bale, precisely to strengthen the recovery in the middle with Toni Kroos supporting Casemiro, while Isco was responsible for putting balance between defense and attack.
But it only delayed the inevitable. Isco cut everything, filtered one pass after another, but the gaps back that have given life to all that has been presented at the Bernabeu since December, were an ocean for PSG.
Bewildered merengue followed cautiously. No longer trying to break through as it should and from the back four, only Marcelo dared to join the attack fully. But nothing worked. Cristiano Ronaldo tried, in vain, to reach the filtered balls, when he did not send the ball too high or he made a mistake by finishing off Areola’s face.
There was no clear chance for Madrid in almost 15 minutes, until Karim Benzema tried it with a distant shot at 44 forcing the French goalkeeper to send the ball out with the tips of his fingers. From the resulting corner kick was born the opportunity, otherwise fortuitous, for Madrid to draw, when the referee punished a shootout of Le Celso to Toni Kroos with a penalty kick.
Cristiano Ronaldo returned some tranquility with the 1-1.
Madrid remained tense and, for once, alert back. He made the game play in little space and fell back as much as he could in each exit from the rival from the door. In return, tiredness began to weigh just one hour had passed.

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