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Enrique Bonilla, president of the Bancomer League, said that the idea of abolishing the decline, for the moment, is only on the table, but no step has been taken to take it to the facts. However, in the Ascent do not take it as a “possibility” and if as something very likely to happen, so players of the entire category will demonstrate peacefully against the possible measure.
The way to show their discomfort is through a hug between all the players in each game of the category during the Day 7. The first to do it was Miners and Atlante, who before starting the duel were merged into a single group in front of fans.

It is a fact that all the clubs agree to express themselves and to make known, together, a position in a joint way, since there is the fear of losing their sources of work in case of carrying out the project that the owners have in mind. of the First Division.
In the last hours the captains of the teams have crossed calls. Among the main expressions is the fact that the elements that give life to what was formerly known as the Second Division are strengthened, but without seeking a confrontation with managers or authorities of the Mexican Football Federation.
Inside the teams prevails the idea is to send a message that the players are aware that together they can achieve great things, as at the time they did the arbiters who came together to fight for their own interests and even managed to eventually remove to the then president of the organ, Héctor González Iñárritu.
In this case, the players believe that externalizing their disagreement peacefully, does not affect anyone and speaks of their being clear, that in a respectful way and with the dialogue ahead, they can be heard and that if there is any decision they are taken consider.

The demonstrations will end with the Bravos de Juárez against the Black Lions of the University of Guadalajara.

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