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The coach of the Mexican National Team, Juan Carlos Osorio, assured the arrival of El Tri, after defeating Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-0, which will only put a couple of conditions on the players: have a game and stay in shape, so they celebrated the team change of Miguel Layún and Héctor Moreno.
“The two items of Selection will be: one, the state of form and are competing and two, if not, that have a good athletic condition. We are very satisfied with the pass from Miguel (Layún) to Sevilla and Hector (Moreno) to Real Sociedad, which will fulfill the two items, “said the strategist, who said he will continue to test selected in the positions he considers they can perform more, even if it is not the natural one or where they play with their club.
“We have to focus on giving opportunities to players to show their conditions. In some cases it will be in its natural position, while others in a position in which we consider that they can be very important. One limitation that there is for the world is that there are only 23 places, so I expect a very strong internal competition, “he said.

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