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In addition to the general feeling, the numbers also reflect that the Group of Mexico is one of the most complicated of the World Cup Russia 2018.
According to ESPN Soccer Index (SPI), the ‘Group of Death’ is the B that make up Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran, with a percentage of 81.7 difficulty, considering the qualification of each team on a scale of 0 to 100
Just below is located the sector F where the Tri was placed next to the World Champion, Germany, in addition to Sweden and South Korea. The degree of complexity of this platoon is 80.3.
The third most difficult sector is none other than Lionel Messi’s Argentina, which he shares with Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria. This squad is qualified with an 80.2, just below the sector of the Aztec team.
As for the Tricolor’s hopes of advancing to the Eighth Finals, the numbers are not all bad, since he has a 31.38 percent chance of being second in his group, above Sweden, which has a percentage of 30.28. .
Although if the prediction is fulfilled, Mexico has little chance of reaching the famous fifth game, because in Octavos would cross with Brazil, which hypothetically will be the leader of Group F, and in this duel is granted only 20.8 percent of chances to succeed.
On the other hand, according to the Las Vegas betting houses, the Tricolor is the 14th team in terms of chances to win the World Cup with a 60 to 1, while the big favorite is Germany (9 to 2), followed by Brazil (5 to 1) and France (11 to 2).

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