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Machín regretted the defeat, especially Espanyol’s first goal, which he believes has marked the match and that, according to him, has been due to defensive mistakes of his bloc. But he continues to ambition the Europa League.

Match: “In the first part, everyone would have bet that we won because we were better, and then, when the match ends, you think, how is it possible?” In the first part, we have been very good, the weird thing is that we have not scored We have had very clear chances, I am disgusted, we have had more to do with the defeat than Espanyol in the victory, it bothers me the goal on set pieces at the end of the break, they should have never done it before. in the second part, the quality of Gerard has been redefined, in one and a half times they have scored two goals and we in six, none. ”

Lawn: “We try to always have it perfect so that the circulation of the ball is fantastic, we always water to rest, the field was fine”.

State of mind: “We are annoyed, we have shown that we are a better team than Espanyol during the course and during the match, this does not happen regularly, but it is determined because we need to make many chances to score goals. a new opportunity in Getafe, we can return to being a team with many options to fight for Europe “.

Europe: “Few games are left and we need, at least, to score in Getafe, but I am very proud of having the goal of fighting for UEFA, today we played against a team that wanted to do it and see how it is. to be in Europe, it hurts us not to win, it was within the logic to win today, but we are going to get up. ”

Espanyol: “I do not know what difference there has been between today and other games, we have been superior, and the change of coaches always implies a revulsion.”

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