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The Portuguese side suffered a lot of criticism in his passage for Real Madrid, but Fábio Coentrão defended that they were unfair, because his competitor was the Brazilian Marcelo, who is seen as the best in the world in his position, so it was not easy to ensure ownership.

“It’s true and the people who criticize do not see things. Marcelo was in front of me, Mar-ce-lo. We are not talking about any single player. In the first year the League and it was when I played more, thirty and such matches. In the second things were bad for everyone and in the third, with Ancelotti, we won the Champions League and played in the quarters, the semi-finals and the final. It was a great finale. From that point on things started to get more complicated due to the injuries. If we look at the situation in a global way, then I think things went well. People do not see things like that. They criticize without seeing this, “Fábio Coentrão said in an interview with Marca.

The side revealed that he had no problems with the meringues players.

“I had a good relationship with everyone in Real Madrid. Now that I’m not there, the only one I’m talking about is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is my friend and the best player in the world.

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