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MEXICO – Coach Pedro Caixinha confirmed the information disseminated by ESPN Digital about the negotiation that exists between Cruz Azul and Carlos Peña to generate an employment link for the next tournament.
“I tell you categorically that it is among the possibilities.” Since my presentation (with Cruz Azul) I said that we were looking for a hitch position, we are looking for it and see what happens, “Gullit” is in those possibilities, “said the strategist. Portuguese in interview with TDN.

Caixinha is not afraid to commit to winning the trophy that so much craves the heavenly fans, but for this, changes must be made within the celestial organization.
“We are all working in the same direction, the title is a challenge,” he said, “the big teams must commit to winning titles, that’s why they are big,” he added.
“Changes are needed and are already being made, from the facilities … Happy teams, win more times”.

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