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GUADALAJARA – Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández would receive the support of Chivas in case he returns to the institution tapatía and Jair Pereira would even put his salary for the Mexican attacker to return to the club.

This day information emerged from Europe assuring that the West Ham, current club of the Aztec striker, is willing to negotiate for him.
In this season, ‘Chicharito’ has played 17 matches in the Premier League and has scored four goals. Since David Moyes arrived, his minutes went down.

“I put a part to come ‘Chicharito’. He is a born goalscorer, he has an impressive attitude, he always wants to improve. If you come to Chivas, having someone like him is welcome. The vaquita is going to be assembled and I hope it comes, “he said at a press conference.
The defender of Chivas assured that Liga MX could be beneficial for the Mexican goalscorer, since, in his opinion, Mexican soccer is “more competent” than MLS.
“I think Javier has more experience than me. He knows himself and knows what soccer is best for him. Today (you know) that Liga MX suits him more than MLS, “he said in Verde Valle.
The central highlighted the benefit of playing in Chivas for Hernández Balcázar, same that would be reflected in the ‘Tri’.
“If I made the decision to come here, it will serve in rhythm and more in Chivas because it plays with dynamics and the concepts that are handled in Selection is something similar to what you could find here, we have a technician who gives confidence and could be comfortable for him, not to relax, but to take his best version and be lethal, “he said.
“If it were a council, I would say to him that he came here, in that matter, I do not like that they say that we have a mediocre league, I do not see the meaning of that. We have a competent league, all are reinforced and the last one hits the first, not like in Spain that there are only 3 teams. The United States is a league that is going to grow, but nowadays, Mexican soccer is more competent
“I wish it could happen. Even though we have a striker like Pulido, who is also a great player, there are always people who can help you in the attack. It will always be welcome. Start to build the vaquita and hopefully, “he added.

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