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PUEBLA – Despite the defeat of Tigres against Enrique Meza’s Puebla, Javier Aquino showed his gratitude to ‘Ojitos’, giving him the shirt he played with on Friday night at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc.
Your first time in a First Division match is not something that is easily forgotten, even if you end up losing your team to the coach that debuted to you, in this case, Enrique Meza.

The current strategist of the camoteros gave the alternative to Aquino seven years ago with Cruz Azul. It was July 23, 2010 when the experienced coach threw him into the court of Tres de Marzo with the blue shirt, in a game against Estudiantes Tecos.
So the feline midfielder, who was crowned in the previous tournament with San Nicolás de los Garza and won his third league title, something he could not get in two years with the Celeste Machine, he keeps a special affection for the ‘Ojitos’ and so he lets him see every time he comes to greet him, when he has to face his team in turn.

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