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André-Pierre Gignac is one of the current top figures of the Bancomer League, however he makes less comparisons with players from other leagues and says that in reality his greatest attribute is not on his feet.
“My main strength is mental, I’m not a talent like the big clubs, I’m not Messi, I’m not one of those, so I have to work and I have to be strong in my mind,” he said in an interview for Tigres club.
The French attacker also acknowledged that he has rejected “a lot of offers” to return to Europe.
“I never wanted to leave, never, I talked to my family and it was back to Europe and I really feel very happy here with my family and I did not want to,” he added.
He even assures that his stay in Monterrey has allowed him to break stereotypes that his family members had about Mexico.
“My family when it comes wants to stay. The image of Mexico in France is more of violence and all that and when they come on vacation they tell me that Mexico is not like that and I tell you that Mexico is a beautiful life, they are incredible people and I like to live like that, what I chose for my family It is the best”

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