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When Jesús Martínez summoned a press conference to confront the accusations summary of #TuzoGate, there were two options. Oh, but he chose the third one. And he chose badly.
1.- Could, the owner of Pachuca, gathering documents, experiences, witnesses and testosterone, launching in an open war, not against Televisa, but against the two favorite daughters of the company: the FMF and the Mexican national team. Could (can) untie a #FMFGate.
2.- Could, Jesus Martinez accept that some of the denunciations about the construction and development of Pachuca are true, offer sanitize, promise community blessings, and even pretend to ignore the magnitude of the impact of the canonries and perks received, but give back to society . A “you excuse me”.
But Patriarch Tuzo chose a third option. The one that seemed less intelligent. His public act of emancipation, of liberation, of exculpation, ended in a shameful suicide. All a Humpty Dumpty.
He decided to acknowledge that he received the blessings of Hidalgo’s governments, but justifying it with the benefits he leaves to a few, although he speaks of more than a thousand families, and when he was cornered, he endorsed to third parties the responsibility of giving answers and explanations.

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